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10 Lessons for Beginning Entrepreneurs

23 Nov

Successful entrepreneur’s advice for next generation of risk takers

unnamedIn honor of National Entrepreneurs Month, Dr. Robert B. Pamplin Jr., one of the nation’s most versatile and widely respected businessmen, offers advice to those who are thinking about taking the leap into entrepreneurship.

“I’ve worked tirelessly, made difficult decisions, learned from mistakes and experienced great success as an entrepreneur,” said Dr. Pamplin. “Whether someone is just beginning their journey as an entrepreneur, or has already begun reaping the rewards of success, I’d hope the wisdom I’ve amassed over my lifetime can provide enlightenment and guidance.”

Dr. Pamplin, who is chairman, president and CEO of R.B. Pamplin Corporation, a $600 million family-owned business with interests in construction, communications, manufacturing, agriculture, and food and wine, embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship. He inspires not only by example, but also by committing to active involvement in nurturing aspiring entrepreneurs. He shares his knowledge with students at higher education institutions and serves as a resource to businesses and nonprofit organizations, lending his financial, accounting and business expertise to help organizations thrive. […]

Balancing It All: My Interview with Candace Cameron Bure

26 Dec

I just got off the phone with Candace Cameron Bure; what a sweetheart taking my call the morning after Christmas! I’m sure she’s been on a whirlwind ride this month getting ready for the holidays, starring in a new holiday movie and promoting her latest venture, her new book Balancing It All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose (out January 1st). I was so excited to talk with her about her book because I grew up watching Full House and loved D.J. Tanner! If 10-year-old Robin knew she’d one day be on the phone with D.J., she would’ve thought Adult Robin was a REALLY big deal…I think most of my readers share the same affinity for the Full House star. After all the show was definitely appointment TV for my generation.

Candace’s new book is a compilation of her best tips and tricks for balancing her career, her family, and herself – everything that keeps her on track and focused no matter how busy her day-to-day life gets. But she was quick to clarify that her book is NOT a 10 step guide on how to balance your life. Because nobody’s life looks the same, everybody’s circumstances look different. Working moms, stay at home moms, divorced women, married women, etc., every woman’s life is a little different. And although Candace writes the book about her personal experiences and circumstances, what she shares is applicable to all walks of life.

Candace was very likeable; warm and enthusiastic. She really is the picture-perfect working mom who is balancing it all. With 3 kids, ages 15, 13 and 11, she plays many roles in her life. She seems to make balancing the roles of mom, wife, sister, actress and friend seem effortless but I’m sure her new book shares the real life struggles and challenges that she faces day to day.  “How do you do it all?” – That’s the question most asked of Candace, and really aren’t all women constantly asking themselves the same as they seek to balance all  of the pulling needs of society, their personal roles, responsibilities and opportunities. Working since the age of 5, Candace has been in the “balancing” act for the vast majority of her life, and while there is no miracle formula, there are lessons to be learned; lesson’s that come to life in Candace’s story. Candace delivers her story from the very beginning  and her start in commercials, to her years on “Full House” complete with funny anecdotes and stories involving castmates and friends, to now adding her demanding roles of wife and mother while returning to the Hollywood spotlight. […]

How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Business

16 Dec

You know what I’ve heard most frequently since starting this blog in 2010? I’ve heard from hundreds of talented women who are working hard in the corporate world, stressed out trying to balance work with family life and still finding time to enjoy their hobbies. Many of you are high level managers killing it in Corporate America but you go home every night exhausted and feeling deeply unfulfilled in your work life. You feel frustrated that you aren’t able to give the attention you want to give your families, you feel like if you take your eye of the ball at work for a moment you’ll mess up at work. You are overly connected to your phone, email and social media. You want a change but don’t know how to do it without serious risks and stress. I could share dozens of stories of women who have taken control of their lives by making the bold move into entrepreneurship. I probably should share those stories more often because they are inspiring. But today, I wanted to share with you 5 tips that Financial columnist , and author of the new book, The Economy of You: Discover Your Inner Entrepreneur and Recession-Proof Your Life” Kimberly Palmer shared with me for How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Business. […]

Friend-preneur: Sarah Killing It with the Launch of her Cookbook

9 Dec

I am SUPER excited about sharing this with you because this stunning woman is a friend of mine from college and I am just so stinking proud of her! You should know that her heart is as pretty as her face and that just makes me happy because people like that are rare and amazing.

She started her own business a couple years ago and I have been a sideline cheerleader of hers from day 1. Sarah Adler is a certified nutrition and health coach and a woman on a mission to make healthy eating and living more simple, realistic and adaptable for a busy lifestyle. She has such a cool story too. You’ll love this. She was the author of the wildly successful Simply Real Food Blog (now the Simply Real Health Blog), and she realized that people were not only confused about food and what eating healthy actually meant, but they didn’t know how to implement it in their own lives without feeling like it was a part-time job. She wanted to teach people that eating healthy can be simple, realistic and adaptable for a busy lifestyle. And a beautiful, fun way to live your life, instead of something that is always so negative and restrictive. […]

Top Five Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

21 Nov

November 30 is Small Business Saturday – a day when neighborhoods of people make their communities thrive by doing what they do best…SHOPPING. Holiday shopping at small businesses helps keep money in local communities and stimulates our economy through job creation.

Small Businesses currently make up 99 percent of United States businesses and employ over 120 million Americans.

But sadly, according to the SBA, a small business goes bankrupt every 15 minutes. Zachary Lezberg is the founder of The Small Business Expo – a national organization that helps thousands of small businesses grow to their full potential.

Zach shared with me the following 5 Mistakes that Small Business Owners Make:

1.   Trying to Do Too Many Things: It’s in the nature of an entrepreneur to generate a lot of ideas and execute them, but it’s easy to get all over the map. When you’re starting out, stay focused! Do one thing and do it well.


2.       Giving New Clients the Hard Sell:  New business owners are putting out a lot of their own money in the beginning and can tend to hard sell brand new clients, which can come across as desperate. Refrain! Instead, build caring, long lasting relationships that will eventually turn into a sustained client.


3.       Forgetting About Social Media: Sometimes when it gets busy and the business is short staffed, social media is neglected. You MUST post to your social media everyday to make it a credible source of information and maintain a relationship with your audience.


4.       Hoarding the Workload: “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself” does not always apply to a business owner who is spread too thinly. Hire the right specialists to complete specific tasks within the company and keep an open line of communication with them.


5.       Thinking You Can Have a Part-Time Schedule: Many first timers believe that since they are the boss, they can take off whenever they want. Not so. Building a small business takes long hours, a significant financial investment, and a thick-skinned, passionate leader. Be prepared to work harder than any of your employees.

In 2011, Zach started the New York City SMALL BUSINESS EXPO. Growing rapidly, SMALL BUSINESS EXPO is now in 5 major US cities – NYC, Dallas, Boston, Los Angeles & Miami. The Expo brings in over 35,000 small business owners to network and buy products & services that will help their small business thrive. Thanks for the tips Zach!


7 Tips for Business Networking

21 Sep

Attending a successful networking events coincides with a successful business.

But I know this is never easy. I know as a newbie to the networking world, it’s scary to walk in to a room full of strangers and strike up a conversation. This is something that most people dread, but it’s an excellent way to connect with people and allow your business to grow.

Here are 7 tips from entrepreneur.com that may be helpful the next time you attend a party:

Arrive early. Arriving early to a party rather than staying later will always is more beneficial. It will be a lot calmer at the beginning and easier to start a conversation with a small group. […]

Crossfit: Losing Weight, Building Confidence and Teaching Her 10 Year Old Daughter to Love Her Body

21 May

I asked one of my best friends to share her weight loss story. It’s hard to lose weight after babies and in general as we get older. I like her story because she is losing weight the right way and is setting herself up for long term success by changing her habits and incorporating exercise to change her body instead of crash dieting like so many women do. Crash dieting is not sustainable, ruins your metabolism and ultimately sabotages your long term health […]

How To: Be Seen as a Key Player on the Team When Working From Home

13 May


I am such a big fan of creative working environments as a mother and dedicated professional. I believe to my core that men and women can be just as effective if not even more so, working from home. So today while I was reading the March Issue of Money Magazine I loved Beth Braverman’s article Be There-Even When You’re Not. She gave great tips to being seen as a key player on the team while working from home. Had to share with you.

13 million U.S. employees work remotely at least once a week. Isn’t that awesome?! I think it’s fantastic. In fact, honestly I’ve personally found that at times my employees are more efficient and effective when they work from home. But the reality is most bosses are likely to attribute traits like “responsible” and “dependable” to in-office workers. In her article Beth recommends trying these 4 tactics to appear as present as those who appear in the office daily. […]

Failing: The New Winning

10 May

In 9th grade I ran for Student Body President against Steve Croner, the most popular and good looking boy in our school. I lost. It was a landslide. I was bummed, but whatever. I didn’t expect to win despite giving it my best effort. I definitely would have liked to have won, but life goes on. I tried out for the cheerleading squad instead and made the team. Not long ago, Steve and I connected again via Facebook. It was great to see him and his beautiful family. He’s still cool as ever. We swapped a couple of messages catching up on each other’s lives and in one message he told me how well he had thought of me. “I remember asking you why you ran for president. Your comment back to me was ‘Well, SOMEONE had to run against you!’ I’ve never forgotten that. I was so impressed by your confidence, I’ve always had a lot of respect for you.” […]

Establish YOUR Personal Brand

23 Apr

Establishing your personal brand is the most important thing you can do to jump-start or further your career.

As the owner of a Seattle advertising agency, I work daily with businesses and brands which are crafting their message for consumers. In order to be influential and thus effective they must have a crystal clear understanding of what their brand message is and how to communicate it to their prospects.

As a woman looking for a new job or trying to advance further in an already successful career it is imperative that you take these four first steps to establish your personal brand. […]

Jane Park of Julep: Have Power Nails Replaced Power Suits?

28 Feb

Here is a link to the news story that aired on KING 5 News this week about Jane Park. I got to make a cameo! “Have Power Nails Replaced Power Suits?”

One of my best friend’s Jenni Hogan invited me to meet one of her newest connections this week. She was interviewing Jane Park, a Seattle mompreneur who found Julep Nail Parlors. I had such a great time hearing her story I thought I’d share this news segment with you as an inspirational success story. Jane has degrees in Public Policy & International Affairs from Princeton and Law from Yale! She is one seriously smart mama who had a savvy idea that turned out to be just what women wanted! So much so, that Julep just raised $10 million to grow their business! She’s mother to two children and runs four nail parlors as well as her wildly successful online business Julep.com. Julep.com offers users a fun subscription that sends you monthly beauty boxes in the mail! Think of it kind of like Shoedazzle.com but for beauty products… Very fun. Very Inspring. Way to go JANE! […]

Meet Mimi Jung: News Anchor, Photographer and Super Mompreneur

1 Nov

On any given day, I waffle between feeling like a rockstar mom equipped with superhero powers which allow me to juggle two kids and two jobs without breaking a sweat and feeling like a complete failure who is deserving of the “worst mother of the year” award.

Working moms, you know what I’m talking about. The day starts off like clockwork. You showered, got dressed, fed the baby, prepped dinner, packed your lunch, dressed the kids and served breakfast, all before 8:30. But suddenly, you’re late for work. Beads of sweat are now forming on your forehead. You’re rushing to get out the door and no one’s cooperating. Your 5 month-old is overtired and screams bloody murder while you put her in the carseat and your 3 year-old, with no sense of urgency whatsoever, suddenly decides she can’t put on her socks and shoes by herself and she can’t find her coat even though it’s sitting right in front of her. Once you’re in the car, the baby falls asleep, only to be woken up by the pre-schooler with a monster-sized tantrum because the snack you’re offering her isn’t the snack she wants. That’s when you lose your patience, raise your voice and say things you regret. […]

Work Life Balance? No such thing.

28 Oct

A guest blog from a friend who I consider dear and look up to, Katie Wilkinson.

I am a mama of two girls, own my own boutique public relations firm, serve as PTO Co-President at my girls’ school, act as president of the neighborhood homeowner’s association, owner of 3 dogs, wife of one man who keeps me on my toes and I am constantly striving to win Mother of the Year, Employee of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, Wife of the Year, and any other titles that I  believe a “good girl” should win. FYI—to date I have not received but one of these accolades. Shocker, I know.

The notion of balance is a Big. Fat. Lie. And that mistruth has set me up with a lot of heart ache and an insurmountable amount of guilt.

Now, don’t get me wrong, sometimes I may be rocking one of my many roles, but I am certainly not rocking all of them at the same time. Ever. It took me into my mid thirties to learn that I am incapable of being everything to everybody all at the same time—I continue to grapple with this—daily.

I have been blessed with a healthy and happy disposition. I love my life. I love to deliver.  But not every day is a cakewalk. Yet it gets sweeter with each step.

I started my PR business when my youngest was a few months old. I could not bring in enough business, work hard enough, or work long enough hours in the day. I wanted to be hands on with the baby, present for my toddler, and June Cleaver for my husband—all while establishing my agency. Business was booming, the kids appeared to be doing fine, and the husband seemed alright (although I remain haunted by comments such as, “Kiss your laptop goodnight for me”) as he clicked off the light on his nightstand and I stayed up typing away into the wee hours. I guess I also did have a brief spell spent trying to give away the barking dog on Craig’s List as he would wake the baby each time she went down for a nap. I was also terribly impatient with my eldest, I slept little and suffered migraines often. OK, life was totally off kilter.   […]

Seattle Photographer: Tips for How To Take Pictures of Toddlers

9 Oct

Photographing toddlers can be a challenge, but oh so much fun!  They are definitely curious and quick, so you’ll want to adjust your shooting techniques accordingly.  Below are a few helpful hints I’ve acquired over 11 years photographing kiddos. – Erin Schedler

1.  Get close, then get closer.

I’ll often see photos parents take of their children, and there is so much excess content that they could have left out.   The photo has trees and houses in 90% of it, and only 10% of the photo is their child.  Make sure your little one takes up at least a third of the photo, if not the entire thing!

2.  Get down on their level

When you take a photo of your adult friends or family, it’s likely taken directly on plane with their height.  Not so much with children!  We often forget how much taller we are than them.  When I’m photographing children, it’s definitely aerobic activity!  I’ll squat down to shoot straight onto their cute faces, or even lie down on the floor/grass.  The photos are so much better if you just take it down a few notches!

3.  The art of distraction

When I photograph a couple on their wedding day, I can instruct them how to stand or look at the camera.  Not so much with a toddler!   Distraction is really the best way to bring out their smiles and best expressions.  Engage them with toys or funny noises, or even their favorite song on your iPhone!  Anything that generates their best reactions will be a great photo opp. […]